Tattoos make the skin age faster

Which part of the body is the right one for my tattoo?

Exhibit art on your BODY

Factors to consider when choosing the part of the body for the tattoo:

Living conditions

Although tattoos are now socially acceptable, you should still take your current living conditions into account when choosing the part of your body. This includes the question of what industry you work in and whether wearing your tattoo in a visible place could be an obstacle. But other circumstances, such as future pregnancy, also influence the choice, as your body will change during pregnancy.


The choice of your motif also influences the choice of body part. Perhaps you have a very intimate motif engraved that not everyone should see and comment on immediately? Or does the tattoo go particularly well with certain body regions? Do you have a word “close to your heart”, do you want to “tackle” something or even “write something behind your ears”? Think about where the tattoo can best develop its effect.

Size and shape of the tattoo

With a small tattoo, different places are suitable than with a large tattoo. Small tattoos on the wrist or above the ankle look particularly good, while large tattoos on the upper arm or back are clearly visible. Good tattoo artists also adapt the shape of the tattoo to the part of the body; round tattoos, for example, look good on parts of the body that are more rounded.


Of course, you should also be aware that you will experience more pain in some parts of the body than in others. As a rule of thumb, the thinner and softer the skin, the more painful it becomes. Because body fat serves as a buffer between the needle and the nerve endings that trigger your pain sensation. The position you take when piercing also influences how relaxed the tattoo appointment will be. You can also consider whether you feel comfortable with the thought that the tattoo artist is touching you on the part of your body.

Tattoo aging

It's ugly, but completely natural. Your skin will age and so will your tattoo. With good care you can counteract tattoo aging, but you should consider which parts of the body age more visibly than others and which parts of the body you can take good care of. We have listed the parts of the body where your tattoo is less exposed to tattoo aging.

Think long term

Last but not least: Don't obstruct possible spots for further tattoos too early! If you are considering getting more tattoos, imagine where you would like to have a tattoo ...

The body parts for your tattoo at a glance:


The neck is a difficult region to get a tattoo because the thin skin and nerves make it painful to sting, and it is not easy to tattoo clean lines on the neck. But if you are tough and have a good tattoo artist, you still have to think about the care that should be intensive for the neck due to the sun exposure and the rapid aging of the skin.


Tattoos behind the ear are currently very popular, especially with women, and are perfect for tattoos that should not always be visible. Just leave your hair open and the tattoo is protected from prying eyes! In addition, the stinging is not too painful and the skin behind the ear does not age too much. You should definitely think about sunscreen if you wear a ponytail or if you have short hair.


The neck isn't as painful as the throat and it stays taut longer. In addition, the area can feel very intimate as you decide whether or not you want people to see your tattoo. Disadvantage: You will actually never see your tattoo and the lines are not as clear after piercing as on other parts of the body. Again, you should definitely think of sunscreen in summer.


The back is a perfect place for large tattoos, the skin on the back does not age as quickly and your tattoo is usually protected from the sun. Pros and cons: You won't always see your tattoo. This also means: Applying lotion is relatively difficult and you will need a helper for the care in the first place. The pain is bearable, the closer the subject is to the spine, the more painful it becomes. The spine is particularly popular with women, but so is the shoulder blade. Be careful with the kidney area when pricking.


Décolleté tattoos are a very big trend among women, but they are also very uncomfortable. Especially in women, the chest area is more painful. The closer you get to the sternum, the greater the pain becomes. The skin also loses its elasticity here, especially after pregnancy. That is why you should rely on smoothing care for your breasts; exercise also helps to keep the skin taut.


Very sexy and ... very painful! Tattoos under and slightly to the side of the breasts hurt because the skin is very thin here and there are many nerves here. If you want a very fine and clear tattoo, then this part of the body is the wrong one for you. The lines blur here quickly and the connective tissue also weakens more quickly. The same applies here: Sport and pregnancy as well as smoothing care and sunscreen influence the whole thing!


A tattoo on the ribs can look very dynamic, but the sting is uncomfortable because the skin is thin and close to the bone, which is why the lines can quickly blur. The closer you get to the back, however, the tighter the skin becomes and the tattoo is easier to care for.


It hurts and is most likely to be exposed to tattoo aging. Because there are many nerves on the stomach (the tickler you are, the more painful it could be) and the body region is “exposed” to weight fluctuations, muscle building or pregnancy. You can probably also imagine that the skin of the abdomen loses elasticity more quickly than other parts of the body ... That's why you have to take good care of a tattoo on the stomach. An interesting trend are tattoos that are above the pubic bone, there is a lot of scope for motifs and sayings ...

upper arm

The perfect place for the first tattoo! Doesn't hurt as much (although it's a little more painful inside) and is easy to cover too. The upper arms are more affected by the aging process than the forearms, but only the elbows are difficult. In addition, you can take good care of your arms, pamper them with a daily routine and you should always think of sunscreen anyway. The upper arm is ideal for larger motifs; Flower tendrils, old school tattoos or even portraits. The advantage of the inner arm is that you don't always see the tattoo.


The forearm is the absolute trend spot and is most often decorated with a tattoo. No wonder: the pricking doesn't hurt too much on the forearm and the skin stays tighter here, and the area is easy to care for. The forearm is a nice place for small symbols, pictures, initials, and different tattoos on the arm can be easily distributed and combined with one another.


The wrist hurts a little more than the arm, but less than the hand itself. The wrist is a nice place for small, personal symbols or bracelet motifs such as flower tendrils that wrap around the wrist. The wrist is exposed to a lot of movement and sun, which is why the tattoo at this point ages faster and needs to be well cared for. Perfect for the wrist: the motif can be covered in next to no time by a bracelet or a watch.


The skin on the hand is thin and close to the bone, which is why the stinging hurts. Tattoo aging also sets in faster here, as the skin is constantly exposed to friction, sun and a lot of water. The following applies here: Maintain a lot! And: be careful when pricking! It is better to prick the hand carefully and then let it prick again.


The same applies here as with the hand: it hurts and ages quickly. Therefore: think carefully and take good care of it. Caring for after pricking is a little more difficult on the finger. But: The finger can be a very intimate place and small tattoos can easily be covered with rings. A very popular spot for partner tattoos.


The thigh, like the arm, is well suited for large-area tattoos. In addition, except on the beach, the tattoo is actually never visible in public. The front side is the least sensitive to pain, the back side hurts, the inside hurts the most when stabbing. The thighs are more affected by aging than the shins and calves and need to be well cared for. The rest of the thigh is happy too;).


The calf itself doesn't hurt too much, but reflex points could be irritated when pricking, so that you have to twitch. Otherwise the calf is little affected by aging. You should definitely only think of sunscreen when wearing shorts. Larger designs on the calves are currently popular with men.


The same applies here as with the hand: Since the skin is thinner and closer to the bone, tattooing on the foot hurts. As with the calf, reflex points can also be hit here. Somehow you quickly forget that, but: The foot is actually exposed to constant stress and friction, which is why the colors fade faster. Here you have to take very good care, think of sunscreen and be careful with calluses. By the way, a trend spot is the spot above the ankle for private words or wildflowers.