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Furnished 15sqm room for subletting in the Halifax dormitory directly across from the RWTH Computer Science Center

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Flat share wanted | team



Since I am going abroad for a semester from September, I am looking for an intermediate tenant. That's why my room stays fully furnished (cupboards, shelves, lamps, desk and bed). In addition to your personal belongings, you only have to bring a mattress and a desk chair (one of the kitchen chairs can also be used if necessary).

When you come into the shared apartment, my room is directly on the left. The view from the windows facing the south-west of Ahornstrasse is beautifully green, as there is a chestnut tree in front of my room, which offers some privacy, but still lets in a lot of sunlight.

The shared rooms are all in a row on a long hallway, with the kitchen between the second and third room and about the same size as a room. Instead of windows, there is a patio door to our balcony, where you can sunbathe in the afternoon (or put your laundry to dry).

We have two bathrooms, one each for the two front rooms and the two rear rooms. The one in front, which you will share with my roommate, is directly across from my room.


The district in which the flat share is located is called Aachen Hörn, to the west of the city center on a small hill and, despite its proximity to the center, is mostly very quiet, as the two closer roads (towards Vaals and the University Hospital) lead past the hill. The western part of Ahornstrasse seen from Halifaxstrasse with its side streets is a self-contained settlement, which is why car traffic is limited to residents. There are almost continuous parking lanes at the edges of the road (completely free of charge on the Hörn) and visitors can always find a parking space in the next side street at the latest.

The Hörn is also very green: there are many trees on the streets and the houses have gardens. Behind the IT center there is a large lawn slope (thanks to eduroam WiFi and the shade of several trees great for learning) and the quite large Siemenspark offers a welcome barbecue and leisure time alternative to the Westpark, which is often overcrowded in summer.

The room is part of the Halifaxstraße / Ahornstraße dormitory, which is managed by the Studierendenwerk Aachen. The property is located directly across from the RWTH Computer Science Center on the corner of Halifaxstrasse and Ahornstrasse. The Halifaxstraße bus stop is also at this intersection, from which you can take the lines 33 and 73 within 5 minutes to the Westbahnhof (trains in the direction of Mönchengladbach / Düsseldorf and Aachen Hbf) and the two large RWTH lecture hall centers (Audimax and CARL) on the outer ring reached. You can even get down the Hörn a little faster by bike. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to the outer ring and another 5-10 minutes to the inner ring of the city center.
Lines 12, 22 and 23 also depart here in the direction of the city center and cover the southern part of the inner ring.

In the Ahornstrasse there are two bakers, a stationery shop with a post office, a pharmacy and a general practitioner, but unfortunately no supermarket.
The next big supermarket is Kaufland at the southern end of Halifaxstraße, which can be reached on foot in 15 minutes and by bike in 5 minutes. You can also take bus 75 from the Halifax stop (every hour during the day during the week - between arrival at Kaufland / Lennéstraße stop and departure of the next bus in the direction of Hörn, you stay 35 minutes for shopping). At Kaufland there is also a Lidl and an Aldi.
Other supermarkets nearby are Netto and Rewe, which can be reached from the Audimax in a further 5-10 minutes on foot or with lines 33/73 (Ponttor or Driescher Gässchen stop).

Flat share life

Our flat share is quite quiet, in addition to spontaneous chatting, the kitchen serves as a meeting point for the flat share, for example to make pizza together or simply to listen to music and hang around. We do not have shared flat parties, the dormitory bar can be used for this.

We (these are a mechanical engineering student and a computer science student in their master’s, as well as two other computer science students in the bachelor’s degree - one of them me) attach great importance to everyone tidying up behind themselves, cleaning or whatever is necessary after using the shared areas restore the previous state.

Since we are all students, it can happen that our sleep rhythm shifts a bit. While there is rest between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. in the dormitory beyond the boundaries of shared apartments, we try to make this possible at night for everyone who wants to sleep.


The dormitory ( consists of 6 houses, in the middle of which there is a large lawn for barbecuing, playing volleyball, etc. There are also bike racks in the courtyard and lockable bike boxes in the underground car park. You can also rent a parking space in the underground car park. In the cellar of the neighboring house there are several washing machines and dryers, which can be used directly with a billing via the BlueCard (RWTH student ID with prepaid top-up option) (€ 1.50 per wash, € 1 for drying).

The cold rent mentioned above already includes all common ancillary costs, there are only four additional items (summarized in the Others section):

* Electricity (currently € 14.25 per month)

* GEZ (thanks to a 4-person flat share only € 4,375 per month)

* Halifax association fee of € 10 per semester (just under € 1.67 per month) for the use of all dormitory facilities (washing machines, bar and cinema, tool cellar, etc.)

* Internet (RWTH network, managed by Netz AG of the dormitory) costs € 15 per semester (i.e. € 2.50 calculated down to a month)

The specified dates span the maximum period available for subletting and are variable in that a small reduction in the period is not a problem.

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