Retinal scans are a breeze

Vision evolution in Munich

We are pleased to be the first optician in Munich to present the "EasyScan" scanning laser ophthalmoscope.

Do you also have two eyes that you can still rely on in old age! Therefore, you should give your eyes the very best care. Did you know that it is advisable to check your retina regularly in order to maintain the health of your eyes in the long term? Prevention is better than cure, especially with the eyes, as this can cause irreparable damage to the eye. EasyScan test only takes three minutes, is contact-free and child's play.

State-of-the-art technology for your health

The EasyScan test creates images of both retinas. Based on the images, we examine whether your retina complies with the norm. If we discover even the smallest abnormalities, we recommend that you immediately undergo an ophthalmological examination in order to have this clarified in the most medical detail.
The recordings of your retina are part of our comprehensive optometric eye measurement. They serve us to be able to advise you optically and optometrically in the best possible way.

Fast, contactless, child's play

EasyScan is a retinal camera which, thanks to the green and infrared light waves used, does not require your pupils to be dilated.
EasyScan uses scanning laser ophthalmoscope technology for superior retinal images. The advantages of this SLO technology include the earlier diagnosis of retinal diseases. Even brilliant images of the retina in advanced cataracts, which actually prevent the retina from being viewed, are possible.
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