Donald Trump is broke

Donald Trump: is he broke now?

Instead of enjoying his retirement to the fullest in his golf resort Mar-a-Lago, doesn’t want to calm down with Donald Trump, especially since he has to put it on again and again. The impeachment process Mid-February, which was initiated by the Democrats after the storming of the US Capitol by Trump supporters, is current Talking point number one. After it had already been announced that the real estate mogul had nothing to fear in the Senate vote, as a large part of his Republican party colleagues still stood by him, news came over the weekend that five of his lawyers had left the defense team, the 74- However, without further ado, she replaced the year old. But the former president seems to be armed for the upcoming process not only in terms of personnel, but also financially. However, he does not bear the costs alone. The man from Melania actually helps himself Donations in the millions and the question arises: Is Donald Trump Broke?

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Trump collects donations: is he broke?

Donald Trump has already proven in the past that Donald Trump is not always careful with his money. For example, after numerous consultants in the 1980s recommended that he should forget about the Taj Mahal casino project in Atlantic City because of the horrendous expenses, he still implemented the project and what happened: It led him on the verge of personal bankruptcyso he had to sell his yacht and some real estate. The father of five naturally recovered quickly from this financial low and eventually became President of the United States of America. However, after the end of his tenure and The 74-year-old has to reckon with high expenses again in the impeachment procedure, which the Senate process will demand. Instead of using your own wallet, however, the passionate golfer uses donations his after the election defeat founded organization "Save America" ​​back, which is currently on $ 30 million amount to. No wonder that the assumption quickly arises that the former power holder is broke. Trump himself has not yet commented on it, but of course we will keep you informed.

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