Are there natural risks in Chattanooga, USA

The media image is also important, whereby Volkswagen of America has achieved lasting success in this regard - not necessarily because of its commitment to jobs and "one of the most environmentally friendly automobile plants in the world" but because of the successful advertising with little Darth Vader. The commercial, also a long-running hit in Germany, was broadcast in the USA on the most important occasion of all, the Super Bowl, when practically the whole nation sits in front of the television. Of course, Darth Vaderle was also there when Martin Winterkorn inaugurated the new factory yesterday in Chattanooga.

Reliable ground

Like that New York Times reported, he also gave gentle hints for the future plans of the Wolfsburg in North America. For example, they want to decide within a year whether Audi models could also be built in the USA. And certainly other VW models come into question, because with all the fuss about environmental protection, jobs and friendship, there are other, very trivial reasons for vehicle production in the USA: low wages, so far no union influence in the south of the country, the unfavorable one Exchange rate of the euro and the simple fact that the market in Europe is stagnating for a long time. Relying solely on China would be riskier than investing in the US.

A car has to go

The greatest risk is more in the area of ​​quality and reliability. Despite all efforts to get a good education, in Chattanooga you have to deal with staff who do not have years of experience, as is the case in the north of the country. Incidentally, Americans have a different understanding of quality: A slightly more generous gap size does not itch here, but staying far away from home with a breakdown - that is rightly not possible. Toyota’s problems last year in particular showed that Americans brutally punish practical shortcomings. Cars have to work, whether there is a bit of a rattle here and there is ultimately of secondary importance. That's why: good luck! (ggo)

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