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Attention: Apple app digital pictures can blow your SSD

If you take photos with your iPhone or iPad, you will probably want to have the photos on your computer at some point. On the Mac there is also the “Digital Pictures” app that does this job. It transfers your photos from the iOS device to the Mac and even converts image formats if you wish.

Apple's Image also ensures that photos are transferred from cameras to the Mac. This is usually much faster than handling the lame photos app. The Digital Pictures app doesn't seem to have been programmed by Apple's best developers - to say the least.

According to the NeoFinder developers, an error has crept into the program code that is able to quickly fill your MacOS volumes with empty data. And this is how it works: Those who transfer the photos to the Mac can have the photos taken in iOS converted in HEIC format into the more manageable file format JPEG. This is particularly useful if the photos are to be edited, passed on or published.

And what does the Digital Pictures app do? It attaches 1.5 MB of data to each photo file, which is completely superfluous, as NeoFinder reports in his blog. Of course, 1.5 MB is not much in itself, but if hundreds or even thousands of photos are inflated in this way, a lot of space is lost - in case of doubt, the SSD is unnecessarily full. Short calculation: With 1000 photos, this error eats 1.5 GB of the SSD.

Apple has already been informed of the error. We'll see if it'll be fixed in the next macOS update.

What can be done about Apple's mistake?

A new beta version of the Graphic Converter software can delete this unwanted empty data from the JPG files.

Is such a mistake forgivable or does it join the long list of problems with Apple's software quality? What do you think?

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