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New FedEx Express 777 flight connects Liege with Memphis - a new integration milestone

The opening of a new international connection just one year after the purchase is a remarkable achievement for the FedEx and TNT teams, and we are celebrating this important milestone in our integration history. Our customers also have every reason to celebrate, as this new line connects TNT's European hub directly to the FedEx Express World hub in Memphis - six times a week. The flight continues via Seattle, Anchorage and Shanghai and from there returns to Liege.

On April 4, 2017, we witnessed the first take-off of this FedEx Express flight from Liege. An exciting moment for everyone involved, because this transatlantic connection followed by a circumnavigation of the world is a clear example of how we are creating more opportunities and connections for our customers with the integration of FedEx and TNT.

With this exciting new express flight from Europe to the USA, our TNT customers can now:

Make more global connections

The new around-the-word route with FedEx Express flight crews makes FedEx services directly available to TNT customers in the US, Canada and beyond, as the TNT ground network is now linked to the FedEx Express air network.

Ship faster

With this new international connection, we have significantly reduced transit times so that TNT customers can now ship faster than ever before. Express shipments from Europe to anywhere in the USA and Canada no longer take 4, but only 2 days. And express shipments from the Middle East, Africa and India to any destination in the US and Canada now take just 3 days.

Reach more customers

A new international connection also means TNT business customers can reach more consumers. Simply choose morning delivery for express parcels and a transit time of 3 to 4 days for shipments that are not that urgent. In addition, TNT customers can now take advantage of higher weight limits for express and non-express shipments.

Maintain important connections

The new route supports the largest trade and investment relationship in the world - that between the European Union and the United States. And as e-commerce continues to grow faster than ever, this new connection will become even more important for businesses and their customers around the world in the future.

What's next?

We are already working on expanding the European FedEx road network. For this purpose, we have integrated selected FedEx tours into TNT's European road network as part of a successful pilot project. We will continue to work flat out to fully integrate FedEx and TNT road routes around the world.

Our network planning team is determined to offer our customers the best possible shipping services with our new air transport network. We firmly believe that our customers will continue to benefit from our new hubs, aircraft and routes, all of which are integral parts of our growing network.

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