What is a steamer used for cooking

Why steam and not boil

The advantages of steaming

  • Even the remain when cooking in steam heat sensitive vitamins like vitamin C to a large extent receive.
  • No minerals are washed out (by cooking water) and later thrown away with the cooking liquid.
  • When cooking with steam, hot water flows around it Steam the food and it stay through it crisp and juicy.
  • This also preserves the fresh color of the vegetables.
  • But not just the colors, they too natural flavors are retained by cooking in the steam.
  • Less spices are necessary, because by cooking in steam, the structure and thus the taste of the food is almost completely preserved.
  • When steaming you save the fatwhich is otherwise used to steam or sear. Any unhealthy roasted substances that may arise are also avoided.
  • Another advantage of steaming is that the meat remains wonderfully tender and juicy and its structure is retained.
  • Steaming is often faster and fewer cookware is required. Thereby saves one not only time but also energy.
  • By leaving out fat also arise no intense (often uncomfortable) Roast smells.
  • Burning is also not possible in the steamer.
  • Steam cooking is also suitable for gentle cooking thawing frozen foods as well as for simple Warm up of food.

A few recipe recommendations:

Kitchen utensils for cooking in steam

Everyone knows the large pressure cooker, in which several inserts can be filled with food and cooked at the same time. But smaller households often do not use this device with the argument that it does not pay off for them.

But it is also very easy - there is one for every saucepan Steam inserts to buy that cost a lot less than the large pressure cooker. For single households, for example, a single use is often sufficient, in which meat, vegetables and potatoes can even be steamed at the same time.

Line tip:Steam cooker - which device is right for me?

Info: Cooking is accelerated by cutting the food into small pieces. This technique, known from Asian cuisine, promises success here too, and another one Saving energy.

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