How big can the memory of a computer be?

Windows Windows 10: determine storage space - here's how


In Windows 10, you can easily see how much storage space is available to you. It not only shows how much storage space you have, but also how much of the total storage space is currently used. Here are tips on how to free up space on Windows.

Read storage space under Windows 10

Don't be confused: A 500 GB hard drive has an actual storage capacity of around 465 GB. This has to do with the binary system of a computer: One gigabyte is not 1,000 MB, but 1024. Since the manufacturers calculate with 1,000 MB per gigabyte, 24 MB is missing per actual gigabyte. This adds up for larger quantities, so that there is a difference of several GB.

You should only be concerned when there is significantly less storage space than actually indicated. For example, if your 500 GB hard drive only had 100 GB of total storage space.

Read the storage space of the partitions under Windows 10

  1. Open the Windows Explorer and click on "This pc".
  2. All hard drives can be found under Devices and Drives. The actual storage space is displayed below the hard drives.

Here you can see all partitions on your computer. A hard disk is sometimes divided into several individual partitions. A partition can then be assigned a specific purpose.

For example, in the picture above, you can see that the partition listed as Volume (E :) has a total of 283 GB of space. 104 GB are free of this. Accordingly, you know that 179 GB of hard disk (E :) is in use.

By the way:
If you want to determine the hard drive size, you can also simply look at the hard drive as a hardware component. In most cases the size is printed or attached as a sticker. However, this only works with actual desktop computers and less so with laptops.