Which plants are for the cultivation of butterfly gardens

Colorful butterflies in the garden are not only a beautiful sight, they are also useful because of their pollination. If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, it is best to plant indigenous forage plants for butterflies and caterpillars. These plants are undemanding and well adapted to the natural conditions of the region.

However, you should know that every butterfly is preceded by a caterpillar and that this may mean that the forage plant is devastated!

No butterfly without a caterpillar

Often caterpillars are reluctant to be seen because their only activity is to eat! Depending on the type of butterfly, they specialize in several or just one very specific plant as a food source. The species can only reproduce if these plants are found in the habitat. There are a number of caterpillars that do not bother at all, as they z. B. are only dependent on forage plants, which are commonly regarded as "weeds".

If you have a corner with wild herbs, caterpillars can develop undisturbed here. Natural gardens are also more suitable as butterfly gardens than "swept-clean" gardens.

Aktion Grün - More biodiversity in the country

With the “Aktion Grün” - the action program for more species protection - the state is promoting, among other things. Flowering areas with native species in cities and towns. With Aktion Grün, the state government started a funding program for the preservation of biodiversity in 2017. A total of nine million euros are available for four years. Support is given to associations and institutions, municipalities, schools and kindergartens that work with projects to protect biodiversity. More information at www.aktion-gruen.de.

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