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Imagine Dragons: Your Ten Best Songs

It's been five years since Imagine Dragons made international waves for the first time with the EP "Continued Silence". Two albums, a Grammy award and more than 12 million YouTube clicks later, the indie rockers' catchy songs have long since become an indispensable part of hit lists around the world. On June 23, 2017, the band's third studio album, “Evolve”, was released. Reason enough to take a look back at their ten best and most successful songs to date.

Place 10: Not Today

Year of publication: 2016

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The fact that the comedy “A Whole Half a Year” immediately topped the German cinema charts in the summer of 2016 may have had less to do with the background music than with the considerable fan base of the filmed novel by Jojo Moyes The film's soundtrack is definitely worth a listen. The song "Not Today", which served as the lead single on the soundtrack CD, is a soulful ballad that is about the almost magical power of love to overcome all odds. Neither thematically nor stylistically, the song could have fit into the screen romance more organically.

Place 09: gold

Year of publication: 2014

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First cheerful whistling, then rebellious percussions and gloomy synths: its idiosyncratic instrumentation made “Gold” one of the most memorable songs on Imagine Dragons second studio album “Smoke + Mirrors *”. Dan Reynolds deals thematically, as on two other songs on the album, with his fight against depression. With reference to motifs from ancient mythology, the singer contrasts the superficial achievements of wealth and success with an inner emptiness and the loss of any trust in fellow human beings and one's own self. In doing so, Imagine Dragons manages the rare feat of balancing the act between inappropriateness and radio suitability. No doubt: “Gold” is one of their best songs.

Place 08: Thunder

Year of publication: 2017

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In the USA, “Thunder” only reached number 70 on the Billboard Hot 100. In Germany, on the other hand, the second pre-release from the album “Evolve” quickly became one of the band's most successful songs: number 5 in the German single Charts and more than 36 million YouTube views in just six weeks speak volumes. The black and white music video for the song was shot in Dubai and is sometimes reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters like "iRobot". This also fits the theme of the title, which is about breaking out of an adapted society and fulfilling one's own dreams.

Place 07: shots

Year of publication: 2015

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"Shots" is the opening track on "Smoke + Mirrors *" and was released in January 2015 as the third single from the album. All four band members were involved in the songwriting. What made the piece stand out from the rest of the band's repertoire and made it one of their most popular songs was the striking use of synthesizer sounds that almost seem like a reminiscence of the electronic music of the 80s. Dan Reynolds ‘vocals also sound lively and well despite the rather depressing thematic orientation of the song. "Shots" was represented in the German single charts for 15 weeks in 2015, but did not get past 60th place. The song is definitely a deserved fan favorite.

Place 06: Believer

Year of publication: 2017

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"Believer", released on February 1, 2017 as the lead single from the album "Evolve", is already one of Imagine Dragons ‘most popular songs. After the song was heard in a Nintendo commercial during the Super Bowl, clicks on YouTube went through the roof. "Believer" also occupies a prominent place in the trailer for the remake of the Agatha Christie novel "Murder on the Orient Express", which will be released at the end of 2017. As is so often the case in the band's song catalog, a rousing percussion and drum rhythm sets the tone right from the start. The lyrics encourage you not to let setbacks throw you off track and to use every pain you experience as motivation.

5th place: I Bet My Life

Year of publication: 2015

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In “I Bet My Life”, singer Dan Reynolds works on the not always easy relationship and, despite everything, special alliance with his parents. The song was released as a pre-release single for Imagine Dragons ‘second studio album" Smoke + Mirrors "and reached platinum status in the US with over 600,000 units sold. Imagine Dragons cleverly contrast a triumphant chorus with subtle, almost sacred-looking choirs in the instrumentation of the verses. The accompanying music video is also memorable, in which US actor Dane DeHaan appears to be drifting along a river after a scuffle before finally returning to reality from his unconscious state.

Place 04: It's Time

Year of publication: 2012

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"It's Time" is the song that Imagine Dragons made known to the general public for the first time. The song was created in a different band line-up than the one known today and was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel in 2010. Only after it was covered two years later in the popular US television series "Glee" did the song, which had remained under the radar, become a chart success. With more than 2.4 million units sold worldwide, a platinum award in the USA and gold records in Austria and Switzerland, "It's Time" is still one of the group's most successful songs to this day.

Rank 03: On Top Of The World

Year of publication: 2012

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Imagine Dragons felt at the top of the music world in early 2013 after the great success of their previously released singles. There was no getting around “On Top of the World” for fans of console soccer this year: The song was featured in the soundtrack of both “FIFA” and its competitor “Pro Evolution Soccer”. The uptempo number exudes a positive and optimistic mood. Lively clap samples invite you to dance, while an uplifting synth melody ensures the good mood here. On the otherwise mostly gloomy EP "Night Visions *" the song is more of an exception. Perhaps that is why “On Top of the World” is one of the band's most popular songs. In the USA the song achieved double platinum status, in Germany it was at least 13th place and a total of 30 weeks in the singles charts.

Place 02: Demons

Year of publication: 2012

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"Demons", which appeared for the first time in 2012 on the EP "Continued Silence", became the fourth single from the album "Night Visions *" at the beginning of 2013 and became one of the greatest radio hits in the band's history. As haunting as ever, the song, written and produced by British hit producer Alex da Kid, deals with the depths and depths of the human soul. In total, it sold almost six million times and was awarded platinum awards in both Great Britain and the USA - here even five times. In Germany the title charted at number 15. A ranking of their best songs cannot possibly do without this song, because “Demons” was not only a complete success in commercial terms: Imagine Dragons' fan circles also consider the title to be undisputedly one of their best Songs.

Place 01: Radioactive

Year of publication: 2012

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To this day, "Radioactive", the song that made Imagine Dragons ‘international breakthrough in 2012, is by far the most successful song in the band's history. It was sold more than 11 million times over the counter, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain it achieved platinum status and in the USA it was even awarded one of the rare diamond awards for more than tenfold platinum sales. The music video for “Radioactive” also has more than 690 million views on YouTube - this figure is also unmatched in the career of Imagine Dragons. But is “Radioactive” also one of your best songs? That too is definitely true. With its brute synthesizers, its unusual choice of words and the haunting vocals of singer Dan Reynolds, the album's opener "Night Visions *" creates a revolutionary and inspiring atmosphere that makes it one of the best pop songs of recent years. The well-deserved first place in this ranking list goes to Imagine Dragons ‘probably the most popular song. "Welcome to the New Age!"